Diaper bag essentials: Toddler

Now that your little one is a toddler, having your diaper bag packed with the essentials is more important than ever. While out with kids you not only have to be prepared for diaper changes, but for sudden hunger and entertainment. Typically, with my diaper bag I can get away with keeping it packed with just the essentials I need and only replenish it when Im running low on items.

Being away from home you need to be prepared for melt downs, sticky fingers and spills, so here is my list of diaper bag essentials for a toddler

Diaper, wipes and changing pad

Diapers are definitely an essential for every diaper bag, I will usually bring one for every couple hours that I am out. I usually have a swimmers diaper on hand as well, just in case we end up at the pool or beach. Wipes, I try to have a full pack because I use them for many other things like dirty faces and hands. A changing pad is important as well so you can put it under your child while changing them in public places.

Extra change of clothes

Having a change of clothes is good to have if you have any accidents or your little one spills something. I usually make sure I have a sweater in case we go into a restaurant or grocery store that is air conditioned. I also keep a pair of socks on hand because if we head to an indoor play area, they are required to have socks.

Blankets and bibs

Blankets are always great to have because you can use them for pretty much everything. I have used them as covers, if my child gets chilly in an air conditioned place or I roll one up and use it as a pillow when my child falls asleep in her car seat. The bib is good to have to keep clothes clean, plus you can use them in a pinch if you need to clean a spill or little fingers. 

Drinks and snacks

You may run into sudden hunger when out with your toddler, it is always good to have extra snacks and drinks on hand. I usually have individually wrapped snacks in the bag and a bottle of water with an empty sippy cup. I sometimes will take a bottle with milk with me in an insulated pouch. If you are bringing a prepared bottle with a lid, don’t forget the top with the nipple.

Toys, books, pacifiers/teething toys etc.

When it comes to toys and books for my little one, I like to have ones dedicated for using while we are out, this way she is not bored with ones she may play with often. For books my little one like the ones that pop up or have peek-a-boo flaps. Also an extra pacifier or teething toy is good if your little one is teething.

Hand sanitizer and wipes

I always like to keep some wet wipes so I can wipe down a cart or a high chair if we are out at a restaurant. I usually have hand sanitizer as well so I can quickly use it to give a snack or prepare a sippy cup.