Quick and easy toddler meal ideas

Many times I have found myself standing in front of my fridge and in my cupboards thinking of something to feed my toddler. Now, with some simple planning, I have made meal time once less thing to worry about each day. When it comes to planning my toddler’s meals, I have a list of foods that I know she will eat and each week I put together a menu. Doing this is helpful to me making my weekly grocery list as well.

When planning my toddler’s meals, the two things I strive for are quick and easy. Not only is a hungry and impatient child, not a good combination, but I also don’t want to spend my morning and afternoon making time consuming meals. Simple meals are ideal as well because you may encounter days where a child might not like the same thing they ate last week, so having a backup idea is good too. The meals that I have below is what my child ate this week for breakfast and lunch, I would say they were a hit as she left nothing on her plate each meal. One thing to note is that while I do offer variety in each meal, I typically will buy the same ingredients and just change up the combinations. I hope you find some ideas for your little one and if you have any of your own go-to meals feel free to add them in a comment.


What my toddler at this week

Pancakes made with 1 mashed banana, 1 egg and ground up oats + banana
Burrito cooked with re-fried bean and grated cheese + apples
Classic peanut butter with sugar free strawberry jam +banana+Greek Yogurt
Scrambled eggs with cut up turkey sausage +avocado +strawberries
Grilled cheese on multigrain bread +kiwi +Greek yogurt
Oatmeal Os +strawberry+banana
English muffin mini pizza +mixed veggies
Scrambled eggs + re fried beans + banana
Spaghetti + grated baby bell cheese + kiwi
Egg salad pinwheels + gold fish crackers + apple slices